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The Race, Gender, and Feminist Philosophy Working Group aims to bring together graduate students and faculty members interested in feminist theory and philosophical work on race and gender. Literatures on race and gender have developed in various disciplines with different methodologies and target phenomena, but the various insights they have cultivated are not always translated across disciplinary boundaries. For example, contemporary analytic philosophical approaches are sometimes hampered by an insufficient empirical grounding or engagement with relevant research in different traditions and idioms. This group will work to ameliorate these shortcomings by working to bring related work to bear on philosophical approaches to these topics, and examining potential areas of cooperation between philosophy and other disciplines working on feminist approaches to race and gender.

Our 2023-2024 programming will include a series of workshops from faculty and graduate students. See out Events page for more info.

If you have any questions, would like to be added to the listserv, or would like the link to our reading group meetings, please contact Margot Witte or Lila Graham.

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